Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Three more Friday night juke joint bands

To complete the juke joint line up on Friday night, the best blues festival presents...

Marshall's Bar - Jed Thomas at 9pm

The story so far... I started playing guitar at 14 or 15 years of age, My first guitar was a Jedson which I purchased for the sum of my Hawkwind album collection. I soon got the bug, driving my parents and sisters crazy with my persistent playing. In the end I was confined to the family dining room where the record player lived, It had a valve amp and the cable I got with my first guitar fitted in to one of the holes. For what happened next take a look at the full story on my website.

The Vine - The Rainey Street Band at 9pm

The White Swan - Mad Jack & The Hatters at 9pm
Mad Jack & The Hatters are the UK's new electric hillbilly blues superstars. They are bringing the oldest forms of rock 'n' roll music back out of the closet and giving them a severe dusting-down. Their unique sound, intense and unforgettable live shows and crazy antics will have you jumpin' 'n' hollerin' from minute one!!

The band are:
'Mad Jack' Collins: Vocals and Guitar
Rebecca Jane: Double Bass and Vocals
Paul 'Chillo' Childs: Drums

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