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Band Profile - Little Devils

Band Profile - Little Devils

Photo by Liz Aiken

Members and Instruments
Yoka - vocalist, sax & flute
Graeme - bass, vocals
Big Ray - guitar
Sara - drums

Describe your sound in one sentence
Little Devils have been described as an eclectic mix of R&B, Dylanesque rock & blues.

What is your "mission"?
We're gonna keep on drivin till the wheels fall off..!

If the act was an animal or bird, which would it be?
A weird mix of something from Tasmania & New Jersey – y’see where we’re coming from?

What the others say
"If you are not familiar with this band, I implore you, go check them out, they will not disappoint" Clive Rawlings, Blues Matters at Skegness 2014

Official website

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What are you most looking forward to about playing at HBBF14?
Hebden's up there as one of the best festivals around - looking forward to being part of that! Playing to a great audience of music lovers – and together having a great night.

Photo by Liz Aiken

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