Monday, December 9, 2013

What's Behind The 2014 T-Shirt?

Every year we try to produce a distinctive T-shirt design, as each year tells its own story and has its own identity.

Although it is widely considered a marketing faux-pas, this year we have opted to change the colour scheme of our logo as a one-off, from the firey red guitar to a cool blue one. HBBF15 will see the return of the fire guitar so this shirt will be particularly collectable and, as normal, we will be doing a limited print run so as to completely run out.

Why did we make this change?

Well, 2014 will have a very distinct flavour in many ways so we wanted to produce something different to mark it out.

Amongst the most notable changes are these two:

  • This year Jason and Paddy will take a step back from hands-on running of the festival for the first time and be on a mission to see all of the bands. In their place, their partners Jenna and Kate (much more organised than the boys) will be marshalling the troops on the ground. This is likely to lead to the slickest and smoothest-running event of our history.
  • Up until now, the legendary partnership of Marcus Bonfanti and Paddy Milner have closed every Sunday night, but for HBBF14 we decided to have a special one-off Blues-Rock themed night. Opened by Aussie legend Gwyn Ashton and featuring the Mark Pontin Group, the Russ Tippins Electric Band and Northsyde, the sparks will be flying in the church!
To be guaranteed your HBBF14 shirt before they run out, (usually on the Sunday morning) the safest thing is to order it in advance from the ticket page.

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