Saturday, December 14, 2013

Band profile - Makuini & The Hoo Doo Men

Band profile - Makuini & The Hoo Doo Men

Photo by Simon James Brown

Members and instruments
Makuini - Vocals
Pete ‘Sarge’ Frampton - Guitars
George Glover - Keyboards
Paul Burgess - Drums
Wayne Morgan - Basss
Steve Parry - Brass, Guitar, Harmonica
Dave Boraston - Brass, Guitar

Describe your sound in one sentence
Soulful with life story lyrics.

What is your "mission"? 
To connect my songs and lyrics with both a young and mature audience

If the act was an animal or bird, which would it be?

What other people say
"This lady has an amazing voice that will make you still up and listen and that is exactly what you should do."
John Seymour Firebrand Magazine

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What are you most looking forward to about playing at HBBF14?   
To be playing to a listening audience, who are there for the music

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