Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Full Weekend Timings for Hebden Blues 2014

Running Order

Friday May 23rd

3.00pm - Manitoba Hal - Muse Music, Market Street
4.00pm - Manitoba Hal - Blues Ukelele Workshop, Town Hall
7.00pm - Doors Open Main Stage*
7.45pm - Julian Burdock - Main Stage*
8.30pm - David Migden & The Twisted Roots - Main Stage*
9.00pm - Private Dicks - Old Gate
9.00pm - Alex McKown - Crown Inn
9.00pm - Jed Thomas - Marshall's Bar
9.00pm - The Rainey Street Band - The Vine
9.00pm - Mad Jack & The Hatters - The White Swan
9.30pm - DJ Dave Raven (Raven and Blues) - Main Stage*
10.00pm - Virgil & The Accelerators - Main Stage*
11.30pm - DJ Les Young (Wall to Wall Blues) - Main Stage*
Midnight - The Paddy Maguire Midnight Jam Sessions with the Hebden Allstars*
1.30am - FINISH

Saturday May 24th

12 Noon - The Mustangs - Salem Electric Stage*
1.00pm - Dan Burnett - Salem Acoustic Stage*
1.00pm - Forty4 - Outlaw Stage (at the Main Stage)
2.00pm - Katie Bradley - Salem Electric Stage*
2.30pm - Bare Bones Boogie Band - Outlaw Stage (at the Main Stage)
3.00pm - Angelo Palladino - Salem Acoustic Stage*
3.00pm - Trevor Sewell (solo) - The Pennine Club
3.00pm - Open Blues Jam for all playing public - Marshalls Bar
4.00pm - Zoe Schwarz & Blue Commotion - Salem Electric Stage*
4.00pm - Makuini & The Hoodoo Men - Outlaw Stage (at the Main Stage)
4.30pm - Flock of 3 - Old Gate Bar & Restaurant
5.00pm - Dave Arcari - Salem Acoustic Stage*
6.00pm - Nat Martin Band - Salem Electric Stage*
7.15pm - Blues Boy Kings - Main Stage*
8.30pm - Paul Lamb & The Detroit Breakdown - Main Stage*
9.00pm - Little Devils - Old Gate Bar & Restaurant
9.00pm - Killer Bees - Crown Inn
9.00pm - Clare Free (acoustic) - The Vine
9.00pm - The Hexmen - The White Swan
9.00pm - Greasy Slicks - Marshalls Bar
10.00pm - The Motives feat. Matt Taylor - Main Stage*
11.30pm - DJ Dave Watkins - Main Stage*
Midnight - The Paddy Maguire Midnight Jam Sessions with the Hebden Allstars*
1.30am - FINISH

Sunday May 25th

12 Noon - Richard Townend - Salem Acoustic Stage*
1.00pm - Half Deaf Clatch - Salem Acoustic Stage*
1.00pm - Tom Killner Band - JHS Stage (at the Main Stage)
2.00pm - Tom Attah & The Bad Man Clan - Salem Electric Stage*
2.30pm - Gav Coulson Band - JHS Stage (at the Main Stage)
3.00pm - Red Dirt Skinners - Salem Acoustic Stage*
3.00pm - Gary Grainger - The Pennine Club
3.30pm - The Terry Logan Band - Crown Inn
4.00pm - Marcus Lazarus Band - Salem Electric Stage*
4.00pm - Hannah Rickard & The Relatives - JHS Stage (at the Main Stage)
4.30pm - The Revelator Band - Old Gate Bar & Restaurant
5.00pm - Dove and Boweevil - Salem Acoustic Stage*
6.00pm - Tim Hood - Salem Electric Stage*
7.30pm - Gwyn Ashton - Main Stage*
8.30pm - Mark Pontin Group - Main Stage*
9.00pm - Tom Gee Band - Old Gate Bar & Restaurant
9.00pm - Lewis Hamilton - Crown Inn
9.00pm - Bonnie Mac Band - The White Swan
9.45pm - Russ Tippins Electric Band - Main Stage*
11.00pm - Northsyde - Main Stage*
Midnight - The Paddy Maguire Midnight Jam Sessions with the Hebden Allstars*

* Entrance with wristband only

The Full Line Up - 52 Acts!!!

We are delighted to bring you the full confirmed line up for our biggest ever Hebden Bridge Blues Festival 2014!

And all without a penny of taxpayer or ratepayers money!

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Ukelele Blues Worksop with Manitoba Hal at HBBF14

Photo by Ed Sprake

We are delighted to announce that the legendary Manitoba Hal will be joining us at the Hebden Bridge Blues Festival this year and will be putting on a special free Blues Ukelele Workshop in the Town Hall on Friday May 23rd between 4pm and 6pm.

He will also be doing a short set at the world-famous independent record shop, Muse Music in Market Street at 3pm.

The workshop is open to HBBF ticket holders and the general public alike, thanks to some canny grant funding, and will operate on a first-come-first-served basis. There will be some ukes available to borrow, but feel free to bring your own.

For those who don't know, Manitoba Hal is one of the top ukulele players in Canada and he loves playing the blues on his ukulele. He has been a featured performer at ukulele festivals around the world and recently appeared in the ukulele documentary The Mighty Uke.

He has two international ukulele endorsements and is one of a handful of authentic blues performers performing with the ukulele today. “People often think of the ukulele as a happy instrument and they're not wrong, but it is also capable of delivering the mojo that makes the blues so interesting” says Hal.“There are many blues performers like Edgar Winter and Otis Taylor who began on the ukulele before migrating to guitar and I believe the instrument certainly can carry the weight of the blues.”

We are also hoping that Hal will join us at the Paddy Maguire Midnight Jam Sessions later in the evening too.